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Project Development

Daejeon S KR 2007
Venice -Spazio Thetis 2007
East-West Germany 2007
Hamburg- Altona 2008
Kyrgystan 2008
Beijing 2009
Denkblume Delmenhorst 2009
Fliegerhorstblume 2009
Peaceflower Kiel 2011


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  Flower of Sustainability

Blossoms and Flowers happening as catalytic picts for cultural communication of sustainability.

The ”Flowers of Sustainability“ project started in 2007 by the artist Insa Winkler. The aim is to move the discussion of sustainability from the very general and abstract to a more direct interaction of people and cultural diversity.

The quintessence of the project is the dialogue. This happens trough the event structure of the participating organizations and partners. This means the performance and location, the animation and intermeditation of the project. The artist only remark the copyright on the fi rst drawing giving the essential idear of the project.

The people are invited to write and draw on Flowerposters and Flowerpostcards and or objects. This inputs will be collected.

A postcard with the definition of sustainability, in which culture is promoted as the cathalysator of social, ecological and economical aspects of the future is helping to make the conversation with the people.

Postcards and posters will be prepared to invite the people to explore personally meanings, solutions, creations, or expressions of sustainability.

Together with the Action Philosopher Oleg Koefoed and his GravitationCenter from Kopenhaven workshops with the Flower of Sustainability tools are in the making.