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Daejeon S KR 2007
Venice -Spazio Thetis 2007
East-West Germany 2007
Hamburg- Altona 2008
Kyrgystan 2008
Beijing 2009
Denkblume Delmenhorst 2009
Fliegerhorstblume 2009
Peaceflower Kiel 2011


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Your own sustainable print in your neighbourhood

Without much effort the Flowers of Sustainability can be drawn on every street like a cakewalk:

A little bit of chalk, a template or a free drawing with mood and ready is the play floor: Ready to write on.

Join us in Imagining a thinking game with groups to create your own sustainable prints:

Imagine, that you could change the world for a better future and you could have four dimensions: social, economical, ecological and cultural. How would this look?

Collect concepts for each dimension and write them in to the flower. If you are in a group, split and take a theme and tracts.

But then you will have to take turns and each one of you take imagination and responsibility to find answers. You will realize, one flower is not enough!

One new flower after another will be growing out of the previous one, as an answer to it. There are lots of streets where flowers could show up.

But the most important is your own personal flower between all the others, which like to live together in the future!


The booklet:

The Flower of Sustainability
Insa Winkler / Oleg Koefoed

The concept of the „Flower of Sustainability“ is a bridge between art, science and philosophy.

Oleg Koefoed and Insa Winkler have been collaborating around sustainability and intervention from an artistic and action philosophical perspective and developing environmental education and sustainable philosophy through “microevents”, graphics and writing and with a gentle reframing ofl ines of thought and work. The aim is a dialogical event that leads to reciprocal learning, rather than teaching anyone how to work and think. The approach was developed through experiences in Italy, Germany, Denmark and South Korea, Kyrgizstan and China so far. [Textauszug]

published in december 2009 ISBN 978-3-938218-40-2


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