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Daejeon S KR 2007
Venice -Spazio Thetis 2007
East-West Germany 2007
Hamburg- Altona 2008
Kyrgystan 2008
Beijing 2009
Denkblume Delmenhorst 2009
Fliegerhorstblume 2009
Peaceflower Kiel 2011


about us
  Yian Gallery Daejeon South Korea

The korean flower with 8 leaves is presented in the exhibition
"the language of life and peace" in the Yian Gallery in Daejeon

The postcard and the poster is joined by the korean definition of sustainability and a discription of the project aim. The postcards will be send out meanwhile a longer period of time. Later the collection of flowers will be translated in english. It will become part of the international process of the collective meanings towards sustainability by all participiants.

The Korean Flower of Sustainability had been taken care by Mrs. Ju Hyun Ju, independant curator and Mr. Jungoo Bahk, curator of the Yian Gallery in Daejeon, South Korea


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Documentation (partly) of thr project
at Yian Gallery Daejeon, South Korea, 2007