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  Venice 2007

Flowers of Sustainability
06.09.2007 - spazio thetis - Venice Biennale
´100 days Joseph Beuys - difesa della natura`

“The Venice Flowers of Sustainability” happened on September 6, 2007. It was part of the "Joseph Beuys: Difesa della natura, the Living Sculpture, 100 days in Spazio Thetis, Venezia.

The aim of the event is to move the discussion of sustainability from a very general and abstract opinion, to more direct prisms of interaction between people. In that, the experiment is in watching the move from problem calling to solutions, creations, or expressions. The main element is the “flower of sustainability”, a visual and textual aid to bring out reflexion and ideas on how to live with sustainability.

Flowers with a diameter of 1 m have been placed on the floor in the city of Venice, to allow for easy access to express the ideas of participating citizens. The petals are filled out by the citizens around the flowers, free to move between flowers, enter or step out as they feel.

The event is accompanied by a postcard call 1000 postcards will be given to people in the streets of Venice, figuring an empty flower on one side and a call to fill it out on the other. These can be returned to the team, and will define the ‘citizen concept’ – or they may be brought to the event, where a poster will be constructed with all the postcards that come in.

These calls mark the Venice event as being a singular experience, yet also part of a bigger movement, in which we invite citizens of other localities to take part and join the sympoïetic movement of the flowers of sustainability.

The final product is created by the open system of citizens, flowers, space, time, and everything that is brought onto the flower. The aim is to see how the flowers offer themselves as experimental roadmaps, for initiating projects, other exhibitions, new networks, and the sustensions of co-creation / sympoïesis. All flowers will be photographed to include in future events and on the website

This sympoïesis is conceived by:

Cultura21 press release Venice Sept 6 2007.pdf

Oleg Koefoed, philosopher, Gravitations Centre for Action Philosophy, Kopenhagen
Hans Dieleman, sociologist of art and sustainability, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico-City
Insa Winkle, artist for environment and landscape


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Documentation (partly) of the project
at Venivce Biennale, 2007