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Daejeon S KR 2007
Venice -Spazio Thetis 2007
East-West Germany 2007
Hamburg- Altona 2008
Kyrgystan 2008
Beijing 2009
Denkblume Delmenhorst 2009
Fliegerhorstblume 2009
Peaceflower Kiel 2011


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  Hinterland Avantgarden - Artistsexchange East - West

October 2007
East West German Exchange
Hinterland Avantgarden

"The Tableflower", plotts with headlines from the excursion to Biogas, Composting, Microplantings and Agriculture Research lying in the exhibition to be filled out by by the managers of this firms and visitors of the exhibition.

As well as postcards which have been send to the public and send back into the exhibition at LandKunstLeben e.V. Brandenburg


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Documentation (partly) of the project
at LandKunstLeben e.V. Brandenburg 2008

Austauschfond Ost-West der Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Ewe Stiftung Niedersachsen

Curation Christine Hoffmann

LandKunstLeben e.V.:
Judith Sigmund
Rainer Görß
Jörg Schlinke

slap (social land art project) e.V.
Bärbel Hische
Werner Henkel
Insa Winkler

catalogue of project