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Daejeon S KR 2007
Venice -Spazio Thetis 2007
East-West Germany 2007
Hamburg- Altona 2008
Kyrgystan 2008
Beijing 2009
Denkblume Delmenhorst 2009
Fliegerhorstblume 2009
Peaceflower Kiel 2011


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  Kyrgyz Flower of Sustainability 2008

During three weeks(23rd of July until 12 th of August 2008) Insa Winkler did communicate the The Kyrgyz Flower of the Future by asking people in villages and nomadic locations meanwhile an expedition to high mountains in the North of Kyrgyzstan.

The kyrgiz Sunflower Symbol and a seven leaves blossom is building the motivground of the contribution.

The Kyrgiz People, special in the rural areas, did take the project in a very positive way and with a very quick understanding.


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Documentation (partly) of the project
"Crossroads. Normadic Knowledge and Art Strategies", a project cooperation between Bishkek Art Center in Kyrgyzstan and >slap e.V. Saxony, Germany between 22 nd July and 18 th August 2008.