Make the 17 sustainable goals come alive!


Remove your stumbling blocks with the roots of
the sustainable goals!

Believe in the creative power of change!

By offering the SDG Roots programme, we support you in practice challenges of the 17 goals for your own vision. We will give answers to the question: How can I find a shortcut for my own sustainability education and project, business, profession and my mission? With this program we contribute to qualitative sustainable education. We share perspectives on climate actions. 

Be one of the important influencing sustainability pioneers.

This class is ready for them to change the passive , lamenting situation and to discover and live new good perspectives in every step of life!  Your courses are made for a step-by-step plan to take action for your inner self. It is about climate protection measures in order to understand that everything is somehow connected to everything else. But it depends on what you make out of it: something very important and significant and this can be very very simple!!!  By the way, it doesn't have to be costly! But it will help you to make a better living in the future!

Let the 17 sustainability themes become your own sustainable roots.

We have proved it out. The method of the SDG-roots will help us to make the goals of the United Nations our top priority. The SDG-Roots-rogram provides a step-by-step process to actively overcome the problems that each sustainable goal brings. We bring them to the goal: the important steps to a better world.We show you a method that you can use day by day to become better in the fight against climate change, for your sustainable prosperity, for a beautiful earth!

We know from experience that good intentions quickly come to nothing. That's why we now want to tackle it together. Step by step, we can make our lives more pleasant and do a lot for the environment at the same time.

Become a sustainability coach yourself!

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